Sculpture Vivante


My sculptures are just like other sculptures. The only difference is that they are alive, of course! Like most statues, therefore, my living sculptures have their own tale to tell. They generally work well as stand-alone pieces and do not require any special visual or sound environment.

They are easy to transport, adaptable to any venue or event, and they can be placed indoors or outdoors, with or without musical accompaniment.

Changing, transforming and constantly adapting is at the very heart of the concept. Even though some of the sculptures have been primarily designed to be shown on a stand or on the stage, I am open to any idea that can take my living sculptures into a new dimension.


Trained at the School of Decorative Arts in Geneva, I am first and foremost a graphic designer and photographer. In the early 1990s, I was working on a concept that had its roots in my early childhood: I was fascinated by the new shapes that plastic objects could adopt when heated. So it was that I found myself in the studio, busy placing all kinds of objects in the oven so that I could photograph the deformations.

It was then that I had a slightly crazy idea. Why leave it to chance? Why remain a spectator? Why not play with this element of chance by becoming the object, forming and distorting it to my desires?

And thus the living sculpture was born.

My works are complete creations. Before I create the sculpture itself, I have to meticulously create every aspect of its “packaging”. I imagine, I draw, I sew, I paint, I add light, I plan the acoustic accompaniment, and finally I enter the sculptures. Each creation therefore has its own history and its own life. I also keep them all in a bizarre collection. This collection makes me constantly question the shapes I use, how I represent myself and others, preconceived ideas, the links between reality and dreams, and the primal type of communication that occurs through body language.

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